Diversified Systems provided key technical personnel on this large business-driven information technology program providing unified access to, and sharing of, information in accordance with the Agency’s mission and US Department of Justice strategic plan. The enhanced program eliminates stove-piped systems by integrating business functions and allowing for information sharing across the Agency business areas.

Agency of the U.S. Department of Justice

This Agency has several agency-wide LAN and WAN environments for classified and unclassified information. Firebird provides an unclassified desktop environment from which users access network resources and is a wholly contained network environment, with no interfaces or connections to non-agency resources.

Our Task

By modernizing legacy applications supporting these business areas and integrating business functionality, accurate, real-time Agency information is disseminated to authorized users. The new program improves and streamlines data management at the Agency. This system also provides Agency managers with instantaneous access to available corporate information. It ensures that the accuracy of statistical management reporting for the Agency embodies new data sharing standards, performance metrics, and business processes defined by the business area program offices. The system provides supervisors with the ability to track employee activities over a designated period of time, and its audit capabilities provide management with a tool for determining the timeliness of reporting.


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