Large Financial System

Diversified Systems was a sub-prime on the original a large financial system project contracted to design and implement a new information technology system to modernize the way the state manages financial, human resource and payroll operations.

Our Task

Since 2005 we have had many consultants involved in this project. They have included functional and technical resources with varied backgrounds in both the Financial and HCM modules. As new modules and functionality was added as a part of the Managed and Shared Services Project, we were called upon to provide additional talent. In 2015 Diversified Systems was again a part of the Prime Vendor team working on the large financial system, PeopleSoft Financials Upgrade project. Throughout the term of the upgrade Diversified Systems had at least 35 technical resources engaged in the effort. Diversified Systems has maintained a direct relationship with the State, providing direct support to the Large-Scale ERP Implementation.


  • PeopleSoft Financial SMEs
  • PeopleSoft HCM SMEs
  • PeopleSoft Development
  • PeopleSoft Functional Resources
  • PeopleSoft Performance Tuning
  • Security Architect
  • Project Management

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